Export your Instagram data to CSV

Use our online tool to view all of your Instagram data in a spreadsheet. You can extract information into separate columns such as:

  • Message text
  • Participant names
  • Date of conversation text
  • Hashtags
  • Image URLs

Here are the steps:

  1. Follow instructions to download your Instagram data (as a JSON file) from your account

    download my instagram data now

  2. Upload the JSON file you just downloaded to our JSON to CSV Converter

    convert my Instagram JSON file to a Spreadsheet now

  3. Download the CSV result (after the file has been converted) to your device

  4. Open the CSV file up in Excel (or Open Office)

Up to 1 MB of data can be converted for free. PRO users, can convert up to 50 MB.

Contact us if you would like this data to be customized in any way - we would love to hear from you!